Tour Booking - Talent Buying - Management

The Ambition Agency has served as middle ground platform for bands and artists, working with managers, other booking agents, and record labels to launch the touring careers of recording artists and bands. With a professional work ethic, The Ambition Agency has built a great network on DIY tactics with their clients and venues, as well as keeping their artist's afloat in the constant expansion of the touring circuit. 

Tour Booking:


The Ambition Agency specializes in tour booking for our clients that we represent, in the United States and Canada. With years of experience, including first hand experience of touring musicians in DIY bands, the agents at The Ambition Agency know how to handle/treat their clients, and how to achieve what they are looking for.



We book and promote concerts, local shows, and various other events throughout the greater Allentown, PA area. Check out our "Shows & Events" tab for  upcoming shows!



We manage the career of some of our clients in addition to just booking their tours. We also can offer consulting sessions for your band to talk anything band & career related: recording, producing, songwriting, touring, companies, tips, and more or tour routings for a small fee. Please contact us for more info and pricing.

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